Monday, September 20, 2010


Six hours changes everything.

After my freakout this morning, I met a dude from Leeds and we explored around the city for a while, then watched clips of Mock The Week and Futurama. This was encouraging.

Then, I went to see the one piso where someone had responded to my calls/messages. And. This piso. Was. Amazing. It was right off of Plaza Moyua (read: really nice/pretty/convenient to metro neighborhood), a beautiful apartment inside, and the girls who live there were AWESOME. All really friendly, chill girls in their mid-20s, and I felt like we got along really well. Also, although a leetle bit more expensive than I had as an ideal, totally affordable. So I told them I would definitely love to live in their piso if they decided they wanted me, they said they'd get back to me in a couple days, we said our goodbyes and I left. As I walked to the bus I was just praying - hopefully not out loud on the street like a crazy person but I'm not 100% sure - God, if You have something else for me, I trust You. But I do love this one.


I get on the bus to meet Casey (who I'm staying with) and my phone rings. It was Maite, one of the girls from the piso, and she was just like "yeah we really like you and we want you to move in Oct 1!!!!"

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i. have. a. piso.

It was the only one I went to see and it was awesome and now I am so excited because in 10 days not only am I not a nomad, I have a fixed place where I will live with awesome girls. Things are looking up so much I can't even see straight, I want to cry I'm so relieved!!!

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  1. Yay kit!!! I'm so excited you found your dream piso! Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa