Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a giveaway, of sorts

I just discovered I have one postcard stamp left. To anywhere in the world.

And two postcards: one of the Laudio main square, which is awesome because Laudio is like BFE, Alava, and you wouldn't expect them to have a postcard, and yet they do. The other is an artsy depiction of a Basque farm lady bringing her astoa (that's donkey, duh) and some fresh vegetables to market.

I mention all this because I'm sending one to one of you. Just post a comment on this post by 5 PM Basque time on May 20th. You can specify "Laudio" or "Lady + donkey" if you like. I'll choose one at random from the comments, contact you for your mailing address, and send you a postcard. I'll write things to you on it.

Enter or this guy will club you with a spoon.

That's it! have at it.


  1. My friend Cody probably likes both donkeys and ladies (the second part is still unclear), and his dream has always been to move abroad. In fact, we met at a seminar about working abroad. Sadly, he was hired by the Hilton Palmer House, a fancy hotel in Chicago, saying he's save, move abroad and spend whatever he saved. Four years and four days after graduating, he still has yet to move abroad.

    So he asked me to get postcards from places I've been for him. I figure 30 cents plus 80 to send for someone who once held my hair when I barfed during French class? Who made sure he told one teacher we had that her velvet stretch pants were becoming (SUCH a lie!)? Do him a favor and send him this one, please? He'll love it. And I promised one from Somalia, but Somalia probably doesn't even have a post office...

  2. You'd have to pay less postage to send it to me. Me, me mememem

  3. Ooooo I'd love a postcard from Bilbao! A little bit of Bilbao in Los Angeles would be perfect :)

  4. Send it to my parents! Don't you want to send this to North Cackalacky? I mean really