Thursday, May 5, 2011

a blog confession. and a cheeseburger.

So first off, during the hectic whirlwind that was my mom having surgery/my dad moving/my best friend getting married all in the week that I was back in the States, I did make sure to get my hands on the sorts of food you can't get here in Iberia. This included Mexican food, American Chinese food (as opposed to Spanish Chinese food, and believe me, there's a world of difference), and a Five Guys bacon cheeseburger.

Three words: no regrets there.

And now, the confession: I really didn't want to write this blog post. Ever go through phases where you just. don't. want. to. write in your blog? I sure am right now. I mean, the school year and my time in Bilbao are both drawing to a close, my mind's off in North Carolina at least half the time and seriously, what am I going to write about? "Students frustrating again today"? "Flowers bloom in springtime"? "Pollen worse in Raleigh"?

Full disclosure: blogging regularly is not the easiest thing. Especially when I don't feel I have much to say. Anyone relate? Other bloggers: how do you get past "slumps" in writing?


  1. The thing is, I usually have something to say, but often it has nothing to do with expat/Spain/travel. Instead, it's like "OMG what am I gonna do with my life?!" stuff.

  2. I totally know how you feel! Often, even when I have something to say (which, like Kaley, is a lot), I'm just not motivated to stare at my computer and type. It's normal. Animo!!!

  3. don't get in slump! your posts are amazing!!! more food more nc more anything!

    ok this is not that constructive or helpful. but i love your blog and if you stop writing then how the hell am i supposed to find motivation?? hahah

  4. ok, a huge thank you to all of you. And Jess, the "reminiscing" post wasn't meant as a goodbye! I will still be blogging from NC. And it was both constructive and helpful, I really do appreciate all the encouragement!