Sunday, February 27, 2011

partial success: mexicanesque pork

check out those sexy scorch marks

To be fair, this effort was kind of doomed from the start. I had wanted to make cochinita pibil, but was unable to find some key ingredients. You know. Annatto seed. Allspice.

Whatever, I thought, I'll just use what I have and we'll see what happens.

It turned out OK. It was basically tasty, but a little dry and too intense in flavor. I'm not going to put the recipe up, just what I'd do differently next time. First, it was kind of dry - I tried to seal the pork and then the casserole up well with aluminum foil, but not airtight enough apparently. I'd cook it on lower heat for a bit longer to make up for that.

Next, the vinegar. I'm just gonna give it to you straight: I saw that a recipe with pork called for vinegar and my Carolina girl DNA just took over and I added too much. I'm honestly not sure it needed any at all.

Also, more onions (like 2-3 instead of just 1) along the bottom of the aluminum foil would have protected the pork from scorching on the bottom (see above).

Oh, well. You win some, you lose some.

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