Sunday, January 16, 2011

mood lighting

For the past 4 days, the most wonderful, almost unthinkable thing has happened.

We've had sunshine and 60-degree weather (yes, I still think in Farenheit) in Bilbao. It's supposed to be sunny and 64 again today.

I don't think we even realize how much the weather affects how we feel, but this week has brought home to me that the answer is "a lot." Bilbao does not typically manage so well on the sunny winter days front. A typical day is cloudy with a little rain on and off. This is fantastic weather for reminiscing or curling up with a book, and when I visited last year in January there was something almost a little rebellious, brooding and thrilling about all the rain. Every day, however, does not need to be rebellious and brooding. When every day is rebellious and brooding, I frankly get sick of it and it goes from thrilling to depressing.

But the sun has been out all week, and it has been glorious. Yesterday I took a day trip with some friends to Bermeo and Mundaka, both Vizcayan coastal towns, to explore and take advantage of the perfect weather. I'm planning to spend the entire warm part of today outside, too.

So goodbye for now, I'm off to take advantage of that sweet, sweet vitamin D pouring from the sky.

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