Friday, August 20, 2010

typical confusions

This isn't really to clarify because I think anyone who is in the position of reading my blog probably understands that Spain and Mexico are different nations; it's more just to talk about something typical that happens to probably everyone moving to Spain. Like everyone else who's doing this program, I have gotten those fantastic comments along the lines of "wow, you're going to Spain? I guess you'll be eating a lot of spicy food! (/burritos/tacos/etc...)" Which honestly I guess I'm OK with, I don't really find it annoying and some people are just not into other cultures.

What does get weird is the double level of explanation that goes into telling someone I'm moving to Basque country. I don't feel great about telling people I'm "moving to Spain" and just leaving it at that because that's not really true. So option 1 is I tell them, it's in Spain, but it's really not Spanish. Or it is, depending on who you ask. They have their own language and culture and are different from "Spanish Spain" because blah blah blah...

But of course I have had to learn that not everyone is as interested in everything Basque as I am and if left to my own devices I will go on like the Basque version of the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (remember? how he has all these lectures on how everything meaningful in the world can be traced back to the Greeks? I do it: i.e., chocolate as candy form? Thank you Basques). So usually I just say I am moving to Bilbao in Spain, which is great and only leaves me feeling a little like I sold out in order to not bore someone. Unless they turn out to be someone who knows what Basque Country is, and then they give me little lectures themselves ("it's not the same as Spain, you know. They have their own language!"). AI AMA.

Anyway, if you understand Spanish, here is a hilarious video on this topic.

And for anyone reading this blog who doesn't know me personally, if my super blondeness didn't give it away already, no, I am not Basque at all. This infatuation came from whoknowswhere. True fact about me: sometimes I forget that I am not Basque and and then I remember and it makes me a little sad.

Euskera of the day:
"Tomate hauek hobeak dira ensaladarako." These tomatoes are better for salad.


  1. Ha, I know exactly what you mean about the whole Basque/Spain thing...most people around here don't even know where Bilbao is, nevertheless what the political and social dynamics are in the area!

  2. haha Elizabeth, please tell me you watched the video!

  3. Just a little note, since I am not into Basque seperatism or any of that. I love Juan Carlos and my boyfriend, the militar, has pretty much ingrained in me that the Pais Vasco is still Spain...but watch Vaya Semanita once you get here. I had a student this summer who sometimes appears of it! He showed us his skits and it's a really funny show mostly related to Basque culture.

  4. Yeah, I watched it, it was pretty funny! I'm interested to see what it's like up there. We're gonna find out soooooon!

  5. Cat- hahaha no kidding, one of your students has been in Vaya Semanita?? I've seen some clips online (the one on this post!) and it is hilaaaaaarious.