Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer by the numbers.

number of visas received from Spanish government today: 1
number of cavities found in my teeth today: 0!!!
number of dentists I have had who are Real Madrid fans (true story): 1
number of euros waiting patiently in my wallet: 20
number of zingers on Madrid I will limit myself to while in the actual city: 10
number of friends awaiting my arrival in madrid: 1-5, depending on who's there when I get in
number of zumos pacificos I will drink during my first week in Spain: 30

number of days left until I leave: 34!!!

number that is "4" in Basque (snuck it in there, didn't I?): lau


  1. this post makes me super excited for you! i am, by the way, drinking a bifrutas (they changed the name) mediterráneo!

  2. oh my gosh zumo pacifico is like liquid kiwi starburst. am i drinking heaven? probably

  3. This post is so funny! I posted a pretty similar one on my blog a few weeks ago http://writinganewstory.blogspot.com/2010/08/by-numbers.html

    I'm headed to Malaga, but I really want to visit Pais Vasco while I'm there - everyone says it's beautiful!

  4. Haha Sarah, I saw yours too! I think all the counting down just puts you in the mood to count everything else too or something.

    Let me know when you and The Mister come up to Pais Vasco, I would be happy to show you guys around (assuming I know my way around by then, haha!) and/or give you some pointers.