Thursday, March 3, 2011


that's stereotypes about Americans, for those of you who aren't into puns of the "Daaaaad, you're embarrassing me!" variety.

Not a false stereotype at all, but what I spent a good $40 on at the State Fair last year. Followed by another $5 on Tums.

In the past couple weeks I have had my students ask me:

-if I know anyone famous (no)

-if I drive an expensive car (no)

-if I have lots of money (of course; I teach English for the Spanish government. If the Spanish gov isn't a high rollin' boss I don't know who is)

-if I eat hamburgers all the time (come on, be serious)

-if I like Eminem (see hamburgers answer)

Some day I'm going to respond by asking them if they've blown up any buildings or won any Michelin stars lately.***

***these are the only two stereotypes Americans even come close to having about Basque people. Because terrorism and haute cuisine are the only things that make it through to us, best case scenario. I'm sure you could tease another good generalization about Americans being ignorant out of there somewhere.

coming soon: field guide to Spanish junk food. I'm pretty pumped about it.


  1. I get the famous question ALL THE TIME. Ok, maybe I did meet Stephanie Tanner from Full House, but no one here knows who that is, and she's a total meth head now, so that's like admitting I've met Charlie Sheen.

  2. haha. i used the bathroom after sarah jessica parker once. i'm practically famous myself, right?

  3. It practically means you had a cameo on Sex and the City!