Tuesday, November 2, 2010


After the cemetery yesterday, the rain let up a little and we were on our way to the coastal town of Lekeitio. We parked with a bunch of surfers (heavy winds all day had made for rare, surfable Lekeitio waves) at the end of the beach and then walked along towards the old town. We walked through plazas and stretches of boardwalk that, during the city's festival, are filled with tents, stands and people dancing. Yesterday it was all empty, except one little girl playing in the bright yellow leaves that had just begun to fall.

We climbed up and got some views of the sea and the town, which was historically a fishing village and the site of the Austrian Empress's summer vacations. By 6:30 it was already getting dark- thanks daylight savings! - so we swung by to see a lighthouse nearby and then headed home.

Beautiful weekend.

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