Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 meses... ya falta poco!!

my ticket out of RDU is for September 14th. This means I am leaving the US in TWO MONTHS!

cue panic/excitement/nervous stomach.

hot dang, this summer is flying by!

so, here are some things I have thought of that I am bursting to do when I am over there:

1. go to a calçotada. And Bom Dia to you, Catalunya next early spring, I will be visiting you and eating your finest field-roasted mutant onions.
2a. visit Sevilla, preferably coinciding with when my stepsister is still there so I can take her to get the best of deep-friedness that Andalucia has to offer.
2b. Go to Bar Manolo (Plaza Alfalfa one) and eat 7000 olives. Buy at least 2000 more to bring home with me to Bilbao.
2c. Find Scottish Donald and get him to do his "upper Michigan accent." ("heeeey! YEEEOOOU. GIVE US A PIECE O' THET RHEEIIGGHT NEEEOOOW.")
3. Learn the words to the Athletic himno. Go to a game and sing them and then scream at the referee (I think it's safe to say he'll be out to get us.)
4. Come up with more reasons why Real Madrid is not so much a team as an institution created by the devil
5. Become capable of producing at least 3 Iberian accents on command (my andalu is all gone now, sniff)
6. Go to the Guggenheim some more. The OUTSIDE of the Guggenheim.
7a. Fall in love.
7b. But not with a Real Madrid fan.
8. Learn 8 new ways of cooking patatas.
9. Sanfermines??? That gets a "???" because my I'm not sure if my love for festivales is going to win out over my love for not sleeping in a park surrounded by a million drunk Australians.

ai ama! 2 months is feeling like a long time today!

Edit: I realized this is lacking in today's Euskera. So, from at random in my dictionary:

Artega. Restless, nervous, agitated, impatient. How I'm feeling on a daily basis.
Askaltiar. Guest for mid-afternoon snack (whaaaaaaaat?)


  1. I love this...fall in love. But not with a Real Madrid fan. I like Real Madrid! :)

  2. 2d. Mail some of those olives to my dad.

  3. Dad- am plotting how this is possible.
    Kaley- gross. :)

  4. Don't fall in love with a Betico, either! Just speaking from experience...

  5. haha cat i was a little betica in my sevilla days...